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Midwest Food Plots is a land management company designed specifically to improve your hunting property.  Over the past seven years we have grown our customer base to include over 15,000 managed acres across the midwest.  

A property analysis will include Midwest Food Plots coming out to your hunting property to spend the day learning everything there is to know about your property and how you currently hunt it or how you want to improve the hunting on it.  We begin by identifiying how the deer are currently using your property.  What trails are they using, where are they coming from and where are they going. Where are they bedding and where are they eating.  And most important,where do you want to hunt.  

After all of the information we need has been gathered you will be given a full analysis on how we intend to improve your property.  You can use that to improve your property on your own or you will have a price list included so you know exactly how much it will cost to have us do the work for you.  Either way you will not be dissappointed. 

Since Midwest Food Plots has worked hard over the years to create the perfect property management plan we don't want to divulge all of our secrets online so be sure to call or email to schedule your personal property analysis right away. 

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Midwest Food Plots
Des Moines, Ia
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